New York Knicks fan sells his fandom and dignity

A New York Knicks fan put his fandom on sale to the highest bidder. What’s crazier than his inquiry is that someone actually bought it from him.

By Neil Harrington

Not every sports fanatic is fortunate enough to be a Patriots fan or a Yankees fan, where winning is like breathing among such fanbases.

Take 33-year old Evan Perlmutter for example, who was beyond fed up with the New York Knicks organization’s 40-year NBA title drought.

Perlmutter was so frustrated, in fact, that he put his fandom up for bids on Ebay to the highest bidder. One would assume that feat would put the Knicks fan among the biggest losers of 2018, and quite possibly any year, for that matter — or that his bid would go unpurchased.

I was wrong on both accounts.

We didn’t have to wait too long before Perlmutter had to give up his King of losers crown, to the highest bidder in fact — swapping his fandom for a cool $3,500 to a Lakers’ fan living in Southern California.

It’s pathetic enough when someone sells their fandom online, but the fact that someone else forked any amount of hard-earned cash, not alone nearly $4,000, shows how far down the tube our society has gone.

It’s undoubtedly a fame-seeking stunt if I’ve ever seen one. The New York Knicks commented on Perlmutter’s pathetic stunt and are as disgusted by it as all of us.

“We’re sure our millions of loyal Knicks fans won’t mind losing this attention-grabbing gentleman. We remain focused on the upcoming season—with a hard-working team that is proud to represent New York and its dedicated fans.”

Now, Perlmutter is taking his newfound “attention-seeking” stardom, and milking it for all that it’s worth, making appearances on (what I thought were) quality radio programs — where he’ll ride that wave until one day it inevitably crashes.

Now the (second) biggest loser of our generation is receiving the kind of fame that only dreams are made of, usually obtained through talent and hard work.

In Perlmutter’s, he has neither, but now he’s the hottest new online sensation — until the next moron takes his place.

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