NFL: Richie Incognito’s latest incident should hit close to home for everyone

Throughout life, everyone deals with tragedy and loss. Some handle it with class and dignity, while others handle it poorly. Then, there’s Richie Incognito.

By Neil Harrington

To say (former NFL player) Richie Incognito handled the untimely death of his father poorly is a vast understatement. He did not take the news well. Not at all.

Richard D. Incognito, Sr., a United States Marine Vietnam veteran, passed away unexpectedly last weekend, and his death stirred a hornet’s nest reaction from his son, Richie.

Initially, Richie Incognito seemed to be in a right state of mind.

Then, the following Tuesday, Incognito was doing the honorable duty of taking care of his father’s estate, at an Arizona funeral home.

Then, for reasons yet unknown, Incognito “exploded and began yelling at various people,” according to TMZ Sports.

Richie Incognito told police who responded to an Arizona funeral home he wanted his father’s head cut off for research purposes.

Surveillance shows the entire tyrant unfold, and it’s quite disturbing. Incognito reportedly threatened funeral home employees with firearms and violence.

Naturally, one of the employees called 9-11 in terror and thanks to TMZ Sports, we have audio of terrifying 9-11 call.

It would be easy to pile on and kick a man while he’s down. Instead, I hope Incognito gets help and that those close to him take this matter very seriously; especially moving forward.

Mental health is a serious matter, and Incognito is one of the millions of people across the globe who suffer from it, in one manner or another.

Events such as these are a reminder of how severe brain disease and how unpredictable it genuinely is — especially left unchecked.

Richie Incognito could be your parent. Your spouse. A friend. A co-worker. Or, even you.

Odds are, you or someone you know either suffers — or knows someone who suffers from mental illness. Make sure you know what to do if a similar situation such as Incognito’s unfolds in your life.

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Joking about this matter would be easy. However, there’s a time and place for poking fun, and this is not one of them.

Also, thoughts and prayers right back at you, Richie, during this hard time. Get well soon, my man.

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