NBA: Nick Young loses his swagger in embarrasing fashion

Former Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, is searching for his swagger following an embarrassing arrest in Los Angeles Friday night.

By Neil Harrington

NBA champion Nick Young — well, by technicality — was arrested Friday night when he refused to cooperate with law enforcement officials following a traffic violation. Instead of cooperating with the law, as most of us do, “Swaggy P” decided he was above it.

Young began screaming, “am I resisting?!” Well, to answer Swaggy P’s question. Yes. Yes, he was.

A spokesman for the department, Officer Mike Lopez, said that Young did not obey the officers, became upset and caused a delay. He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of delaying an investigation.

Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice for Nick Young or anyone who gets pulled over by law enforcement.

1. Answer each question with, “yes sir,” or “yes ma’am”
2. Cooperate
3. Politely hand over your license, registration, insurance; whatever they request.
4. Cooperate
5. Don’t yell at law enforcement
6. Cooperate
7. Don’t get physical with law enforcement
8. Cooperate

It’s pretty simple. You cooperate, even if you disagree with the reasoning of your citation. If law enforcement unrightfully writes you a ticket, you take the proper legal steps to right that wrong.

What you don’t do is argue with the police or even get physical with them — it never ends well.

Now, P — he’s unworthy of the Swaggy title — is looking for a new NBA gig. Honestly, who wants a guy who is a bad teammate and an even worse guy?

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If you recall, Young dated the lovely and talented Iggy Azalea many moons ago, but she broke up with him after Azalea discovered that Young was cheating on her with her best friend — knocking her up in the process.

What a guy.

Stay Classy, P.