Albert Pujols: The Prodigal Son returns home

It’s official. Albert Pujols, “The Machine,” makes his return to Arch City in 2019.

By: Jonathan Goad

June 21, 2019. Mark it on your calendars.

Albert Pujols is (finally) returning to St. Louis — in 2019! I’m not sure why it took so long for Major League Baseball to have the Angels play in St. Louis, but I am happy to see it (finally) happen.

Pujols had a fantastic career with the Cardinals. Some would argue that he is the best Cardinal ever.

However, Stan “the Man” Musial continues his reign because of the way Albert left; abandoning the fan base in the process. I won’t get into that fully, because as we know, time heals all wounds.

Albert Pujols

Photo Credit: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The Machine’s” numbers speak for themselves. Only in his final season in St. Louis did Pujols hit under.300 (.299) and have fewer than 100 RBIs (99). He also hit at least 32 home runs every year he played in St. Louis.

Cardinal fans were spoiled with greatness while Albert Pujols was a member of the Cardinals, so he should be welcomed back like family.

Albert Pujols

Photo Credit: USA Today

Pujols should get a standing ovation in every at-bat he receives in the three-game series. Every butt that is able should be out of its seat and showing appreciation for the excellence that Albert Pujols brought to St. Louis.

Had he come back the season after he left, my opinion might be a little different, and I’m sure the boo-“birds” would be out in full force.

It’s been long enough now that I don’t think one person will boo. I sure hope no one does. Pujols doesn’t deserve the disservice.

He’s the best Cardinal that I’ve been able to watch play, of this great pastime. I was upset about him leaving, but I’ve now forgiven him. All Cardinals fans should have by now. If not, do so before June 21, 2019, and cheer your heart out for Albert Pujols.

We should be thanking him for wearing the Birds on the Bat for as long as he did and representing St. Louis (and baseball) better than anyone could have asked.

When he finally calls it a career, I expect his number to be retired by the Cardinals and a statue built. No one has worn number 5 since Pujols left and no one will again; and for a good reason.

A tip of the cap to you, sir.

Welcome back