Kobe Bryant trolled on his 40th birthday

The memory of the 2004 Detroit Pistons crashed Kobe Bryant’s 40th birthday celebration.

By Neil Harrington

Kobe Bryant is living his best life now — and then some. The iconic Los Angeles Lakers mega-star has much to celebrate upon turning the big “four-zero.”

His five NBA finals titles, multiple MVP Awards (two of which earned in the Finals), and known as one of the greatest Lakers of all-time is just the tip of the iceberg for all that Kobe is elating in 2018.

A six-million dollar investment recently spawned into $200 million; a lovely (early) birthday present for Bryant and his family.

Also, Kobe recently won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Life is good for Kobe. Nothing can rain on his parade on today of all days. Right?


The bitter memory of the 2004 NBA season reared its ugly head for Kobe Bryant; and the blatant reminder of the Detroit Pistons ending the fun-run of the dynamic duo of he and Shaq in sunny So-Cal.

The culprit? The Detroit Pistons, of course.


Kobe supporters had his back though; taking care of his light-weight in response to the party crashers.

The Detroit Pistons received a dose of their own medicine. How did the 2005 NBA Finals go for you all?

What has the Detroit Pistons organization done since then?

I can’t HEAR YOU!

Kobe couldn’t help himself, also chiming-in cunningly.


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Happy birthday to one of the all-time NBA greats, Kobe Bryant. There’s no way he’ll allow the “Bad Boys” to rain on his parade — especially during this significant milestone of his.

Meanwhile, Kobe is counting his high stack of dollar bills, embracing his beautiful family, and polishing all of his hardware.