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Top 5 most toxic fanbases of all time

By Payton Woolsey

Top 5 of the worst kind of sports fans across the globe.

If you are a part of the next five sports fanbases, you have some soul searching to do.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

Ok, you won a Superbowl… act like you have been there, oh wait. So it was your first time doing that what now? Riot you say? Hell yeah.

Before the Super Bowl, your city prepped just in case you guys won — or lost. From adding additional barricades to greasing down city lights, city officials knew exactly the heathens they were dealing with — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not sure exactly why Philadelphia fans are always so angry — from booing Beyonce, to Kobe, to Santa Clause, I assume it’s the only emotion they are comfortable dealing with. Congrats. You guys lost your way to winning.

4. Golden State Warriors

Seriously, who the hell knew about this team before they started winning left and right? Now, it seems like everyone I run into always talks about their “lifelong” love of this team — matched with their Kevin Durant-like arrogance.

Please get that weak-sauce out of my face — you bandwagoners.

Kevin Durant is the second best player in the NBA; he’s also the weakest and softest person ever to play the game — which is a perfect fit for this weak fanbase.

3. Ohio State football

Honestly, this team year-in and year-out seems to act like they are getting screwed over by the College Football committee — somehow.

It’s common knowledge in the football world that the Big Ten isn’t as competitive as the SEC, so that’s why the elite conference “steals” the Buckeyes postseason bid(s).

Every other team in the Big Ten seems to accept this besides Ohio State; and, now they want to keep referencing how they beat Alabama one time.

Congratulations, what have you done for me lately? I mean besides (soon to be) losing a head coach that is. You didn’t deserve to be in last year’s playoff, and deep down in that bottomless pit that you call a head, you know it’s true.

It seems like the “Suckeye” fans want to bend the criteria to what fits them. That entire school in its self is extremely toxic — always over-hazing, and showing zero class in victory — while acting-out in defeat.

Maybe in another decade, you’ll see another National Championship. Until then, I’ll leave you with the wise words of LenDale White.

Ohio State (still) sucks, indeed.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers

I know, they just lost half their fan base over the summer, and that’s hard enough for this new Los Angeles Lakers faithful. I’m just curious how many LeBron James jerseys you guys will burn this time.

LeBron gave that God-forsaken stinky City a ring and is now, all is forgiven. However, I am not going to forget how this entire city crucified LeBron for trying to do something that most people in Cleveland don’t understand.


1. The Dallas Cowboys

No fan base is more toxic really in all of the sports-world than that of the Dallas Cowboys. Anytime you guys get above .500, all the sudden you try to tell me how this is America’s Team.

Your interpretation of America is getting offended when somebody asks for barbecue sauce on their ribs.

While you sit there and eat your Whataburger or whatever else, you try to tell the entire world how Emmitt Smith is the greatest running back of all time — basking in the glory days of the franchise.

It’s time to let the past die and let reality set in. The Cowboys are no longer America’s team.

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Let this sink in very slowly you chubby-cheeked punks. The Dallas Cowboys are nothing more than the New England Patriots who forgot how to win, yet their delusion fans seem to think they are one in the same.