New England Patriots: Is their cheat-sheet falling apart?

Is the fall of the “Evil Empire” known as the New England Patriots inevitable at this point?

By Payton Woolsey

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots organization have been in NFL championship contention since 2001. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Getting veteran talent at reduced prices
2. Turning “nobodies” into “somebodies.”

We’ve seen it every year, whether it is with the signing of James Harrison, or Malcolm Butler‘s huge Super Bowl-winning interception.

When’s the last time that Tom Brady had a high caliber wide receiver?

Now, granted, he did have Randy Moss for a hot minute, and that was insanity.

However, for the most part, they’ve had small wide receivers that excel at route running.

Insert Wes Welker.

But, we still question deflate-gate? Child, please.

Brady does have the services of Rob Gronkowski at Tight end, so that helps a little bit. But, he’s missed significant time — yet, Brady and Belichick continue to roll.

However, good things must come to an end — which appears to be inevitable at this point.

Even at the beginning of last season, the Patriots looked to be in trouble. Their defense was absolute trash. But, somehow all the sudden they started playing championship defense — seemingly out of nowhere.

That’s what happens when Belichick converts his newly acquired players to the dark side if you will.

But, as of late, a lot of former Patriots players have been speaking out, saying that the job in itself wasn’t that enjoyable under Belichick.

Yes, they got their ring, but they didn’t have much happiness during the process. How much fun can a guy be if he never smiles?

On the flip side, the Patriots don’t care. They can replace them in a heartbeat.

But this is all going to come to an end relatively soon for the Patriots. Without a doubt, the reason Tom Brady is so successful is that of the hard-nosed coaching and capability that “Billy the Kid” Belichick possesses.

That does not mean, however, that after Brady leaves, it will be so simple for Coach Belichick to find a viable replacement.

It’s going to be hard to sell that championship ticket to veterans when you no longer have the best and most charming quarterback in the NFL.

New England Patriots

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

It’s going to be hard to keep those young, enthusiastic players, such as Rob Gronkowski; when nobody else likes to laugh or smile.

Frankly, I cannot wait for it to fall apart and turn into an absolute shitshow. I want to see the look of aggression and hostility on Billy’s face when it happens.

Not necessarily because I’m a Patriots hater, but I certainly do get tired of the same teams continually being in contention.

Do you think that the last four years of the NBA Finals have been fun? If so; get off my article. I don’t need that kind of reader near my work.

For all the flak I give the Patriots, I see them as the benchmark for how to run a team. They did not go to the Golden State Warriors route and hire superstars.

Instead, they used hard-nosed has-beens to work as coaches and role models for the younger, often overlooked players. It will not surprise me one bit if you don’t see the veterans coming in less and less as the years go by.

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This year it will be very noticeable. But, for the time being, Billy the Kid is still taking flat-footed, bowl cut having, chubby-cheeked, cheese pizza eating, snot-nosed youngsters to the Big Show alongside walker having, diaper wearing, hearing aid losing, veterans who watch TV Land.

Just be ready folks, because the downfall for the New England Patriots will be swift and (fast and) furious. We might even see a drift or two.

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