St. Louis Cardinals fans need to embrace Albert Pujols instead of slamming him

St. Louis Cardinals fans will have the opportunity to see Albert Pujols in St. Louis once again in 2019. But, will they embrace him, or shun him?

By Payton Woolsey

St. Louis Cardinals fans need to get over their hatred for Albert Pujols. Every post I see on the Cardinals fan social media pages generally include some backhanded compliment, or worse, about the once beloved Cardinal masher.

We are now several years removed from the “break-up,” and at the end of the day, baseball is a business. Yet, a portion of the St. Louis Cardinals fanbase still cannot let go of their hatred for Albert Pujols.

“He’s just about money.” Yes, he is. In fact, he’s about sharing such money with those who need it the most. Albert has given millions and millions back to his home country of the Dominican Republic — from baseball fields to schools, to housing — for the less fortunate.

What have you done for your community? Take a good, hard look in the mirror.

Pujols also gave Cardinals fans the most dominant decade of hitting in the history of MLB — among the likes of Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx.

He provided Arch City with two championships, three NL MVP awards — and that’s including several snubs to one-year wonders and Ba”roid” I mean Barry Bonds.

My dude averaged at least a .300 batting average, 40 homers, scored 100 runs and drove in RBI’s in his first 10 MLB seasons. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s flat-out silly.

Albert was the crown jewel of St. Louis. For you! For me! For the glory of St.Louis! For the self-proclaimed best fans in baseball!

And this is how you pay him back? With spewed hatred and saltiness?

Get a grip! The city of St. Louis owes Big Al a great amount of gratitude, instead of salty insults.

Many Cardinals fans are more upset at Pujols than they are at Stan Kroenke for moving the (former) St. Louis Rams to Southern California — which speaks volumes.

However, there’s a chance for redemption, my fellow brain-having Cards fans. We can make up for this travesty and redeem ourselves with grace.

In June of 2019, El Hombre, the prodigal son, will make his epic return to Busch Stadium.

At this moment, I want you to reflect on his some his great moments. Close your eyes and stop what you are doing — and reflect on a time of great joy.

Here are some of my all-time favorites.

I want you to reflect on Easter Sunday in 2006 when he blasted three homers against Cincinnati. Reflect on the Game 3 of the 2011 World series and his three monster homers in the Lone Star state. Reflect on the 2004 and his three-homer game against those no good Cubbies.

Reflect on the blood, sweat. and tears, that the man gave us. All of those sweet, sweet, 62 situational clutch-wins.

The smile on your face you would get when Mike Shannon would glee over the airwaves, “swing up high! Get up! Get up, baby! Oh, yeah!”

In the name of No. 5, when June 2019 arrives — get your ass out of that chair and whistle and cheer loud (and proud) for Big Al. We can’t repay him with money but pay him back in love.

You can bet your ass I will be there, cheering loud and proud for the former Cardinal great.

What do you say, St. Louis? I’ve given you a year of advance notice. Mark June 2019 on your calendar.

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Get your head around the idea of being who we claim to be and should be — the best fans in baseball.

This ain’t no Philly. We can do this for the most celebrated modern hitter in MLB history; one who gave Arch City so much over the years.

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