Milwaukee Brewers: Josh Hader’s terrible MLB All-Star Game performance is least of his worries

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader had an MLB All-Star Game to forget, both on and off of the baseball diamond — but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

By Neil Harrington

The 2018 MLB All-Star Game was one for the ages, setting a record with 10 combined home runs in a single All-Star Game.

Among those given up was a three-run bomb off the bat of Seattle Mariners slugger Jean Segura against Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader — ultimately leading to the American League squad’s seventh straight victory over the National League.

Just when Josh Hader thought his night could not get any worse, it did, when a series tweets from about five years ago surfaced, revealing some shocking statements — which included racial slurs and homophobic blasts.


Good Lord. I’m surprised that Hader didn’t become the Grand Dragon of the KKK. These comments are deplorable and flat-out despicable.

Hader was 17 years old when he went on this rant, and we all do stupid things when we are young — but this is crossing the line.

Also, when you’re on social media as a professional athlete, Twitter is a loaded gun, which can turn your career and image in the blink of an eye.

In this case, these aren’t any ordinary tweets, but ones filled with pure hatred, and naturally, the Twitter universe was as unforgiving as ever, letting Hader have it — and then some.

If you think that’s savage, things are just getting started.

Hader and “Papa John” have quite a bit in common, even more than we all realized.

This is precisely my reaction, and undoubtedly the entire Twitter community after reading Hader’s Tweets.

Josh Hader has one thing going for him, and he should thank Kawhi Leonard for providing him with a timely diversion.

Both the MLB and Milwaukee Brewers have yet to comment on the situation, but there’s undoubtedly a suspension coming Hader’s way — and rightfully so.

All of us can learn a few things from Josh Hader. First off, if you happen to be a racist and a bigot, stay away from the keyboard.

Or better yet, don’t be a misogynist, racist, homophobe.

Josh Hader

Photo Credit: NBC

Lastly, if you become a celebrity, pay someone to search and scrub your social media of all the dumb Tweets from your past, or it will bite you in the ass later in life — just ask Josh Hader, whose wonderful life turned into a disaster on the turn of a dime.

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