Chicago Cubs fans salty about Bryce Harper’s MLB Home Run Derby victory

Chicago Cubs fans are really salty about Bryce Harper’s MLB Home Run Derby victory but are you surprised?

By Neil Harrington

Last night, Bryce Harper put on quite a show for his Washington National fanbase, one that was needing something to cheer about after a disappointing first half of the MLB season — by winning the 2018 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby.

Harper undoubtedly received a boost of confidence from his MLB Home Run Derby victory, after going into the MLB All-Star break hitting just over the Mendoza line. Perhaps, this will be the spark that ignites a fire in the second half for a team with lofty 2018 expectations.

After smashing 19 home runs in the final round, Bryce Harper outlasted Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber en route to the MLB Home Run Derby crown.

The Chicago Cubs fanbase is feeling awfully entitled — more so than usual, after winning their first World Series title in over 100 years.

Instead of tipping their caps to Bryce Harper after his stellar performance in the 2018 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby, the Cubs’ fanbase is as salty as ever.

During the final barrage of home runs, Bryce Harper’s dad (Ron Harper) — who was pitching to his son during the festivities — apparently bent the MLB Home Run Derby rules a bit.

Technically, the baseball has to land before one can throw the next pitch. During the final minute of the championship round, papa Harper jumped the gun on four of his son’s (final) home run balls.

In response, Chicago Cubs fans feel Schwarber deserves the title, and the Harper should be disqualified after that offense.

Cry me a river, “lovable losers.” Leave it to the Chicago Cubs fanbase to ruin an epic MLB moment.

Harper deserved to win, period — and continued the run of exciting MLB Home Run Derby events. Don’t ruin in for the rest of us, losers.

Cubbies fans should take notes from their own, Schwarber, and congratulate Harper on an incredible performance.

But, when have Chicago Cubs fans ever been classy — i.e., Steve Bartman? Plus, Bryce Harper is an MLB free agent following the season, with Chicago as a possible landing spot for him in 2019 and beyond.

Tread lightly, Cubs fans. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds — pissing off a player who can keep the good times rolling in the Windy City.

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