Marshall Faulk is the greatest modern-day Running Back

Former Indianapolis Colt/St. Louis Rams great Marshall Faulk is the greatest modern running back in NFL history.

By Payton Woolsey

You read what I said punk. And it’s not even close. The anchor to the St. Louis Rams and “The Greatest Show On Turf,” Marshall Faulk was an absolute animal. The NFL greats who have come since his departure, including Le’Veon Bell, have nothing on him.

Marshall Falk is the most watched and emulated running back in today’s game, but what sets him apart from the rest of the pack? His exceptional ability to catch the rock and posting some ungodly stat lines across the course of his HOF Career.

Highly sought after in high school, he wanted to attend “The U” (University Of Miami). However, Miami coaching staff told him he was too small to be a running back (classic, right?) — and I hope it haunts them to this very day.

They wanted him at cornerback? A no-go for “Superman.” All the big schools regurgitated the same garbage while dragging their knuckles in the dirt.

Instead, he became an Aztec and went to San Diego State University — the school that gave him a shot at the position he was destined to play (RB).

Sweet, Jesus did it pay off.

With his high football IQ and athletic talents, he unquestionably was the most significant decision the University had ever made.

Faulk produced two NCAA Records (386 yards on 37 carries and 422 All-Purpose Yards) during his tenure, as well as racking up three Heisman Trophy Nominations—with one of the worst Heisman Snubs this great nation has ever seen during his sophomore campaign.

He was Drafted No.2 Overall in his draft class by the Indianapolis Colts, winning the NFL Rookie of the Year.

His greatness didn’t stop in Indianapolis. He continued snapping necks and cashing checks during his greatest feats with the St. Louis Rams (a team with no winning record in the last 10 years before obtaining Faulk) and was paired up with the psychotic offensive guru Mike Martz.

Little did the world know– Trent Green gets hurt, some nobody named Kurt Warner steps in, — then Faulk joins the fold, turning the world on fire.

No linebacker could cover him, and you couldn’t blitz due to Faulk’s versatility. He wasn’t super-fast or hard-hitting, but by the “Great Hammer of Thor” was he elusive.

Often less talked about, was how strong of a blocker he was—honestly, in the NFL today, you cannot find one better.

In 2000, he attained more than 1,000 receiving yards and rushed for almost 1,400. Think about that — an absolute madman. A fantasy owner’s dream, he compiled 2,429 yards from scrimmage (the most in NFL history), changing the game of football forever at the RB position.

The following season, Faulk then wins the NFL MVP, his second consecutive Offensive Player Of The Year and crushes the over-rated Cowboy Emmitt Smith’s single-season Touchdown Record.

Intangibles? Check. Described as the absolute best person to have in the locker room by Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner (Two NFL Hall of Famers and two remarkable leaders themselves).

He raised a losing team up from the ashes like a majestic Phoenix to the highest height that the sport has to offer — a Lombardi Trophy.

Since we have “poured one out” for the aforementioned team, do not let this man die off like the Rams did for over a decade. His legend must live on.

Let’s run the numbers for the blind-fools who cannot see Faulk’s greatness clearly.

Marshall Faulk’s 12 NFL seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams

  • 12,279 yards rushing.
  • 6,875 receiving yards
  • 19,154 total yards from scrimmage
  • 136 total TDs

His grace and love for the game were unmatched — combined with his elite ability. Enough said!

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