Cincinnati Reds: Billy Hamilton makes a Superman esque catch for the ages

Billy Hamilton of the Cincinnati Reds makes a Superman esque catch for the ages, robbing St. Louis Cardinals slugger Matt Carpenter. Again.

By Neil Harrington

The Cincinnati Reds historically awful 3-15 start to the 2018 MLB season is well in the rear-view mirror, thanks to Jim Riggleman righting the ship after taking over for Bryan Price less than one month into the season.

The veteran manager has transformed the Reds from the laughing stock of MLB to a team with real promise.

This team can flat-out mash — and if they are able to lock in some starting pitching, the Reds are a heartbeat away from being a playoff contender. What Jim Riggleman has done in Cincinnati is nothing short of remarkable.

Speaking of remarkable; Billy Hamilton went full-out legend in St. Louis last night, making a catch for the ages.

Not only is it the best snag of the 2018 season, but one of the greatest home run robberies you’ll ever see — embracing his inner Clark Kent. You’ll have to see it, to believe; the catch is that spectacular. Check it out!

My wife and I were watching this game live and had not much to cheer about with the St. Louis Cardinals getting clobbered — until this incredible moment. I was yelling at the TV in excitement, not out of anger, but out pure disbelief.

He scales the whale and looks to take flight, like Superman.

I could not believe what I just saw and either could Matt Carpenter — who has fallen victim to Billy Hamilton on more than one occasion. His reaction at the end of this video says it all.

I’m as huge of a Cardinal fan as anyone, but I’m an even bigger baseball fan and moments such as these — even at the expense of one of my favorite players on my most favorite team.

Magical moments such as these often come when you least expect them, even during an 8-1 blowout late in the game. That’s why you NEVER leave a game or turn the TV set off early. Ever.

For those of you late to the party, this is nothing new for Billy Hamilton, who has committed highway robbery on more than one occasion — not just when Matt Carpenter is at the plate.

Even international superstar Shohei Ohtani isn’t safe from Hamilton’s thieving efforts.

They say speed kills and Billy Hamilton is a cold-blooded one — on the basepaths. He is by far the most exhilarating .233 lifetime hitter in MLB history.

Now, imagine if Joey Votto could teach Billy Hamilton how to hit.

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