Terrell Owens will not be recognized during his 2018 NFL Hall of Fame induction

The NFL will not recognize Terrell Owens during his 2018 NFL Hall of Fame induction. Why would the “No Fun League” do such a thing?

By Neil Harrington

Former NFL cancer, I mean wide receiver Terrell Owens is joining an elite group in Canton, Ohio, where he’ll be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame — well, sort of.

Terrell Owens, known to most as “T.O,” is still butt-hurt over the NFL Hall of Fame committee overlooking him as a first-ballot selection two years ago. Instead of being grateful for this great honor, T.O. instead is skipping the ceremony altogether.

Once again, Terrell Owens is making it all about him. He sure loves himself some T.O., doesn’t he?!

The NFL is rubbing salt in his (still) open wound with their response to T.O.’s absence.

According to Kevin Petra of, the NFL Hall of Fame will:

Ignore T.O. during its ceremony, concentrating on the seven other inductees participating — Bobby Beathard, Robert Brazile, Brian Dawkins, Jerry Kramer, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher.


The NFL is making the right (and bold) move in “shunning” Terrell Owens from the NFL Hall of Fame festivities.

If they allow T.O. to call the shots on how the ceremony is run, then others will follow suit in the future. Roger Goodell and the NFL powers to be are covering their own assets, establishing consequences for this sort of childish behavior.

I now doubt anyone skips the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony ever again.

On paper, it’s a bit perplexing how a receiver, who ranks second all-time in NFL receiving yards; third in NFL receiving touchdowns; fifth in NFL touchdowns, and sixth in NFL receptions — could be overlooked as a first-ballot NFL Hall of Fame selectee.

Does T.O. have a legitimate reason to be salty?

No, he doesn’t. The on (and off) the field antics of Terrell Owens undoubtedly rubbed the NFL Hall of Fame committee the wrong way — making T.O. wait longer than expected to put on his gold blazer for those very reasons.

I remember as a kid loving the larger than life personality of Terrell Owens. Every Sunday, I got my popcorn ready and watched with child-like wonder as he made the best NFL defenders look like, well, me — while having loads of fun in the process.

T.O. was indeed a man among boys — but only the football field.

However, as I aged and matured, Terrell Owens did not — with his fun-loving attitude turning into a distraction and eyesore for the NFL — and its fans. His behavior is juvenile and not Hall of Fame worthy.

T.O. should count up his blessings instead (Count em up, count em up, count em up) and realize he’s lucky not to be banned from the NFL Hall of Fame for his lack of Hall of Fame character.

The NFL Hall of Fame is a recognition of one’s talents on the field, yes. But, shouldn’t that include proper behavior and being a good teammate — which Terrell Owens genuinely lacked during his NFL tenure?

Terrell Owens paid the price for his lack of vision and maturity — with the NFL laying down a Thor-sized hammer of “justice.”

As a cheap substitute, Terrell Owens is holding his own ceremony, drawing all of the attention on himself, once again, instead of being honored among his peers.

He’s playing the victim card — but is anyone surprised?

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