Jay Cutler is taking his talents to reality TV

Jay Cutler is taking his talents elsewhere, joining his wife and former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari in a brand-new reality television show adventure; which is precisely where he needs to be.

By Neil Harrington

A career in the NFL didn’t suit Jay Cutler, but taking his talents to reality television better suits his particular set of “skills.” On the football field, the former NFL Quarterback made poor decisions slinging the pigskin around — which does not sit well for this particular line of work.

However, for entertainment purposes, his colorful personality and array of bad choices bode well for his next career venture.

Plus, Jay Cutler’s personality has always been larger than life — so what better setting than following him and his wife around with a camera? It’s a beautiful disaster of epic proportions and I’m glad we’ll see it unfold under the bright lights of cable TV.

Cutler, who is married to former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari, will have some airtime on her new reality show “Very Cavallari” which will air on the E! Network. The show will focus primarily on Cavallari’s new business venture in Nashville, Tennessee, but the former NFL quarterback will also play somewhat of a role on the show.

They had me at Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari, and reality TV; but in case you need some swaying, this preview will undoubtedly nudge you in the right direction.

Are you still not convinced?

Jay Cutler has proved over the past decade that he’s capable of not only being a supporting character but the lead of a reality TV show — take this conversation as a prime example.

Imagine if Jay Cutler gets bored of playing “housewife” and decides to venture back into pro football? That’s reality TV gold, Jerry. Gold!

Or, perhaps, his arch-rival Phillip Rivers could pop in from time to time, stirring up the hornet’s nest, fulfilling the role as the show’s antagonist.

Very Cavallari is not the first time that Jay Cutler will appear on primetime TV. Who else remembers his epic performance on South Park? 

Saving the best for last, Jay Cutler is a playing the part of a Knight in shining armor, standing up to crazed fans and sleazy tabloid jerks stalking his wife.

Who said chivalry was dead?

The odds are in our favor that Jay Cutler will knock one of those losers out, or even tap into his inner Mike Tyson — biting off an ear or two.

Jay Cutler may be an awful football player and worse teammate, but he does have much going for him. He’s the ultimate bro off the football and I would down a cold brew with him in an instant.

Very Cavallari premieres worldwide two days from now; airing Sundays on the E! channel at 10 p.m EST/9 CST.

Set your DVR’s now and add this show to your weekly favorites — Jay Cutler is about to come through in the clutch; for the first time in his career.