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Arkansas Razorbacks: Winning NCAA Baseball College World Series would make fandom even more obnoxious

Winning the 2018 NCAA Baseball tournament would make the fandom of the Arkansas Razorbacks even more unbearable than they already are…

By Neil Harrington

For the first time since 1979, the Arkansas Razorbacks are returning to the NCAA Baseball College World Series title game. Thus far, the Hogs are eating well in Omaha, and the 2018 NCAA baseball tournament in general, with a 5-1 record in postseason play — making quick work of their opponents during their stay in the Cornhusker State.

Naturally, the Arkansas Razorbacks fandom is on cloud nine, excited about their team’s performance — and rightfully so. I’ve had the opportunity of watching Arkansas Razorbacks baseball in Fayetteville, and there is nothing like it.

The entire community comes out in full force, each time the Hogs play — whether it’s a playoff game, a midweek game against a low-major opponent; anyone. It doesn’t matter.

Hog Nation is genuinely passionate about their Arkansas Razorbacks; however; there’s a thin-red-line of when passion turns into toxicity and annoyance — take this particular fan for example — which sums up a solid portion of their fanbase in a nutshell.

The umpire knew better than kicking this tool out of the game, or he’d be mobbed by a pen of hogs as Mason Verger was at the direction of Hannibal Lector. I believe “delta bravo” is a more appropriate term than “intimidator.”

In fact, this all-time classless move of showing up the umpire was celebrated by the Arkansas Razorbacks faithful, when it should have been chastised. Some of his piglets even came to his defense, when the Twitter community called out his childish antics.

Said Church must really be hurting for leaders if this super dud has any sort of leadership role. I would love to attend one of his devotionals and point at him each time he butchers a passage of scripture  — which would undoubtedly provide me with a full-time job.

What’s (somehow) worse than this man’s actions is the Arkansas Razorbacks “Pig Sooie” chant. I never thought that nails on the chalkboard would sound so good, in comparison to this annoyance.

“Hey! Do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie! Razorbacks

Arkansas Razorbacks fans are entirely entitled, for not winning a whole lot, with their lone (major sports) national titles coming in Men’s College Basketball in 1994 and NCAA football (sort of) in 1964.

For a program who generally falls short when it matters most, their fanbase sure does a lot of talking. Imagine if they won another national title? It would be Un-hog-able.

Hopefully, the Oregon State Beavers or Mississippi State Bulldogs will do us all a favor and put the Hogs fanbase out of their misery, by besting them in the College World Series title game — before the arrogance and entitlement of the Hogs faithful get past the point of no return.

It’s probably too late, but I’m doing my best to save us all from a barrage of “Pig Sooie” chants and staredowns from “intimidating” Hogs fans.